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Improve your shooting performance!

No matter what style or discipline you shoot, your shooting performance depends much on your rifle stock. Every rifle stock from Wood2Stock has been designed to let you perform as well as possible. We can deliver every stock in both a standard version or a specific tailor-made version specially made for you. With our stocks you will not only shoot better but you will also have more fun with exercising your sport.


Designed for shooting both short- and long distances from a bipod without a specific discipline in mind. Can be shot with rear sand bag or from flat hand. The shape of the butt can be changed to a more tactical version. Available for both smallbore and full bore actions.


Designed for the international F-Open discipline. The stock has a 3″ wide forend.


Designed for the international F-TR discipline. The stock length is made extra-long for stability on the bipod.

Advanced high-end production technology

The rifle stocks and all the parts belonging to it are produced with advanced CNC technology for consistency and high surface quality straight from the machine. Look at our video to get an impression.


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