What is our core business?

  • Wood2Stock is specialized in the design and production of bolt action rifle stocks, especially for factory- and custom bolt actions.
  • The stocks are meant as a replacement for factory rifle stocks and as a foundation for a new rifle built
  • De designs of the stocks are designed for comfort, ergonomics, functionality and performance.
  • The models are available in both left- and right-handed versions.

How do we do this?

  • We design and produce with the help of a uniquely self-developed (3D) CAD design and CNC production concept.
  • This (3D) concept unites the flexibility of hand working and the productivity and precision of a factory produced product.
  • We produce the stocks and all parts with CNC machines in our own factory.
  • All stocks are inspected on fit and quality
  • Stocks with a drop-in-fit can be hand finished to a full finished and ready to go stock (currently only for drop-in-fit inlets).

What are the stocks made of?

  • The stocks are made of high grade, water solid glued, colored laminated birch plywood.  This for comfort (recoil dampening) and nice visual looks.
  • All hardware on the stock, like trigger guard, Anschutz rail and adjustable systems are made of aluminum and where necessary steel.

Who are within our targeted customer group?

  • Wood2Stock aims at both recreational as competitive shooters (like F-Open) as well as the hunter who all want to improve their shooting results.
  • Our potential customer already has a (factory) bolt action rifle or want a new custom rifle built.
  • The customer with the factory bolt action rifle experiences the factory stock as not ideal given his or her physical posture or the discipline or desired style of shooting.
  • The customer who wants a new custom rifle build wants rifle stock for the desired bolt action system and can be made to the personal requirements.

How are the stocks sold?

  • Wood2Stock delivers directly to the end user (rifle shooter). We don’t work with dealers for factory replacement stocks.
  • All stocks are made on a built-to-order basis.
  • Choice of Standard delivery time or Express delivery time for full finished stocks (at this time only drop-in-fit inlets).

We design the rifle stocks for optimal performance which results in more pleasure while practicing your beloved sport. There is a saying: ‘it’s the stock that shoots’ and we agree with that. Our designs contain all our design and shooting experiences. We achieve this goal by processing all our knowledge and practical experience in the design of our stock models. The end result is that our rifle stocks not only look nice and have their own identity and character but also help you to achieve better shooting results.


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