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Model Competition

Supported actions
Anschutz 1913, Anschutz 54, Anschutz 2013, Barnard Model P, Barnard Model S, Kelbly FClass Panda, Kelby Atlas
Standard model
other versions can be configured to your preference
Inlet action
Small bore - drop-in-fit
Large bore - aluminium bedding block or Epoxy (Devcon)
Inlet barrel channel
26mm straight (small bore)
Forend style
Small bore - Competition SB
Large bore - Competition LB
Grip type
Thumb up
Left / Right
Grip size
Grip angle
95 degrees (standard thumb up)
100 degrees (standard thumbhole)
Shoulder - trigger distance
360mm - 400mm
Grip - trigger distance
Butt of stock
Benchrest 16mm wide, 1.5 degree angle
Stock length
880mm (without butt plate)
Removable adjustable cheek piece with thumbwheel
Adjustable butt plate with recoil pad
Anschütz rail
Trigger guard
Magazine system
Finnish laminated birch
Standard color
Oil (optional at small bore)

Configuration options

Grip type

Choose from a traditional thumb-up grip or a comfortable thumbhole grip.

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Thumb up

Thumb up is the most common and traditional grip for rifle shooters.

  • Thumb up - Right
  • Thumb up - Left

Thumbhole grip

Our thumbhole grip is ergonomic and sculptured. It feels comfortable in the hand.

  • Thumbhole -right
  • Thumbhole - left

Bolt action systems

Wood2stock supports several brands and types of bolt action rifle systems.

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Blank (only for rifle builders)

For rifle builders there is the possibility to order a stock withhout the inlet for a bolt action system.

  • Blank - no inlet bolt action

Anschütz bolt actions

  • Anschütz 1913 - drop-in-fit
  • Anschütz 54 - drop-in-fit
  • Anschütz 2013 - drop-in-fit

Barnard bolt actions

  • Barnard model P - epoxy bedding
  • Barnard model P - Barnard type bedding block

Kelbly bolt actions

  • Atlas - epoxy bedding
  • FClass Panda - epoxy bedding

Grünig en Elmiger bolt actions

  • G&E ST200 - W2S custom aluminium block

Inlet barrel channels

Choose for your competition rifle stock from a straight barrel channel (fixed diameter) or contoured (taper/radius) barrel channel.

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Blank - (only for rifle builders)

For rifle builders there is the possibility to order a stock withhout the inlet for a barrel channel.

  • Blank - no inlet barrel channel

Straight barrel channels

  • 35mm (standard Large Bore)
  • 33mm
  • 26mm (standard Small Bore)

Contoured barrel channels

  • Lothar Walther Straight Target
  • Lothar Walther Heavy Palma
  • Lothar Walther Super Heavy Palma
  • Bartlein Heavy Varmint
  • Hardy Heavy Target


Choose for the Competition rifle stock from hardware that adds to comfort and ease.

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Trigger guard

The Wood2Stock triggerguard is standard. For rifle builders we offer the possibility to order without triggerguard.

  • No triggerguard (only for rifle builders)
  • W2S triggerguard (standard)
  • Custom - triggerguard

Anschütz rail

The Anschütz rail is 15cm long. In the stock threaded pillars are glued in to mount the rail with M3 bolts.

  • Anschütz rail (standard)
  • No Anschütz rail

Adjustable cheek piece

The adjustable cheek piece mechanism has a magnet closure and thumbwheel. The cheek piece can be taken off and put back without loosing the height.

  • Adjustable cheek piece (standard)
  • Non adjustable cheek piece

Adjustable buttplate

the adjustable buttplate mechanism is adjustble in both lenght (40mm) and height (35mm). A non adjustable buttplate is also possible. In that case the LOP is standard fixed to 370mm.

  • Adjustable buttplate system (standard)
  • Non adjustable buttplate (LOP is 370mm)

Bag runner (optional)

With a bag runner the height can be adjusted from the bottom of the stock with the aid of a thumbwheel.

  • No Bag Runner (standard)
  • Bag Runner with thumbwheel


For the competition rilfe stock there are several options available that allow you to change the design of the stock

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Grip angle

The angle of the grip can be changed from 90 degrees to 105 degrees.

  • 90 degrees
  • 95 degrees (thumb up)
  • 100 degrees (thumbhole)
  • 105 degrees

Grip size

There are three grip sizes available.

  • Standard (standard)
  • Small
  • Large

Grip-trigger distance

A custom grip-trigger distance can be useful with a trigger that has a non adjustable trigger blade position.

  • 41mm (standard)
  • 36mm - 45mm

Schoulder-trigger distance (LOP)

A custom shoulder trigger distance can be useful in combination with a fixed buttplate. Also when the adjustable buttplate has not enough maximum reach in the standard configuration.

  • min. 360mm - max. 400mm (standard)
  • minimum 355mm to 400mm

Butt type

the large inlet is big enough to have the stock rest on the upper part of the wrist. Also the stock can be held between thumb and forefinger.

  • Benchrest style (standard)
  • Tactical-style large
  • Tactical-style small

Width sandbag rail

There are two options for the width of the sandbag rail.

  • 16mm (standard)
  • 12mm

Tapering sandbag rail

The tapering option is only possible with a 16mm wide sandbag rail

  • No tapering (standard)
  • Tapering

Angle butt

The standard benchrest style is straight (0 degrees). Also a 1.5 degree angle is possible.

  • 1.5 degree (standard)
  • No angle (0-degree)

Vent holes forend

Vent holes give the rifle stock another visual appearance.

  • No vent holes (standard)
  • Vent holes

Length of stock

The standard length of the stock is 880mm (without buttplate).

  • 880mm (standard)
  • Min. 840mm - max. 940mm


The stock can be pre-sanded to P150. For small bore stocks with a drop-in-fit there is the possibility to have it oil finished by us.

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Wood2stock can sand the stock for you or you can do it yourself.

  • Not sanded (standard)
  • Sanded


Only small bore rifle stocks with a drop-in-fit can be oil finished by Wood2Stock. For stocks with bedding block or full epoxy bedding your rifle builder can do the job or you can do it yourself. Please consultate your rifle builder.

  • Oil - (inlet drop-in-fit)
  • None - (bedding job stocks)

Bipod adapters

The Harris nr. 6 adapter fits perfect in our standard Anchütz rail.

  • Harris nr. 6 adapter

Kolfmodel Competition

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