How can you benefit from Wood2Stock rifle stocks?

  • Do you want long lead times and low productivity or increased turnaround times and sales?
  • Do you want minimum order amounts or order by piece?
  • Do you want to offer your customers one size fits all stocks or have the possibility to have them tailor made for your customer?
  • Do you want to be one of the many or create your own unique identity?

Increased turnaround times, more productivity and sales

Most valued rifle builders we know are by nature highly skilled metal workers. Their passion is to deliver an outstanding job on barreled actions. But in most cases, it is about complete rifle builds and includes a stock. With today’s aluminum stocks it’s not too hard a job to make a complete rifle. But what if the customer wants a nice colored laminated stock? That’s a different story. Quite often the stocks come in semi-inletted and/or semi-finished. In that case a lot of woodwork needs to be done to make a complete stock, like making the inlets correct, sanding, bedding, pillars action screws and finishing. Sanding a laminate stock can be hard job when the stock comes from a copier and not a CNC. Wood2Stock delivers CNC-produced completely inletted stocks with 100% fit-guarantee in different finishing states. It’s possible to have them straight from the CNC-machine with already good surface quality or pre-sanded. In some case we also can deliver full finished stocks that only need a barreled action to go out shooting. We produce drop-in-fit, bedding block and epoxy bedding inlets for factory and custom actions. We CNC produce all parts ourselves. This gives you the opportunity to focus on the metal work and increase turn-around times of complete rifles, get in the cash earlier and do more sales.

Money on the shelf

We know that the market works with minimum order amounts which leave your expensive money on the shelf. Next to that there is the risk that these stocks stay unsold because of wrong color or inlet choice. We do not work with minimum order amounts (unless for full finished stocks). This relaxes your cash flow and minimize your risk.

Added value for your customer

With our unique 3D concept, it’s possible to make a unique rifle stock per customer. Of course, we have a standard version that suits most shooters, but as a respected rifle builder you want to be able your customer a tailor-made version if required. That’s is where our (3D) design and production concept comes in play. A different grip-trigger distance, a larger LOP, a different grip angle? No problem. Of course, a tailor-made version is more expensive but at least it can be done with in the end a satisfied customer.

Unique identity that stands out

The same 3D concept can be used to make a tailor-made version for you as rifle gunsmith. We can adjust a rifle stock model to your gunsmith wishes and store this as your standard model of our stock. For example, if you have your own buttplate system we can adjust our stock to fit this nicely. This and other possibilities give you your own identity in your market place.

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