W2S standard or tailor made rifle stock

Unique (3D) concept makes both possible

Standard or tailor-made version?

Wood2Stock makes a standard version for each stock model. Besides that, each model can be tailor made to a custom stock. What are the differences and when to choose for a standard or tailor-made stock.

  • A standard version is a pre-configured version of a particular stock model.
  • A standard version will suit between 80% and 90% of all shooters based on the posture of the average shooter (arm length, hand size, length of fingers).
  • In case of deviations from average posture (especially ratio between the elements) a tailor-made stock might be the better option.
  • This may also be the case when certain offered optional design changes are desired.

How do we make this happen?

Wood2Stock has developed a unique (3D) design and production concept for making rifle stocks. The idea behind the concept is that each design of a rifle stock has a number of adjustment options and that each adjustment option can take several values. Each adjustment option impacts the design of the stock. Examples of adjustment options are grip angle, grip size and the overall length of a stock. By giving each adjustment option a value, a configuration of a specific stock model is created which shapes the stock both visually and dimensionally. Based on practical experiences Wood2Stock has made standard pre-configured versions of each stock model by giving each adjustment option a value. These values are set to a value that will suit in practice about 80%-90% of the shooters.

Tailor-made version is another version of a Standard version

As humans and rifle shooters we are not all equal in posture, requirements and wishes. Someone with short fingers may want a shorter grip-trigger distance or someone with long arms needs a longer length-of-pull (LOP). These are just some examples of different requirements. By giving the adjustment options different values compared to the values of a standard version a custom stock is created. Therefore, the main difference between a standard version and a tailor-made version is the value of each adjustment option. If you know certain measurements from your current rifle it is possible to obtain the (improved) dimensions for your new stock. The other way to do is to discuss this with your personal rifle builder. We can work with any competent rifle builder.

Additional work is needed to actually CNC produce a tailor-made stock. This additional work costs time and therefore money. For this reason, a tailor-made version is more expensive compared to the standard version. How much more expensive depends on the category and the number of adjustment options that are changed.

Changes on CAD design level

Sometimes adjustment options alone are not enough to fulfil the requirements of the shooter. Wood2Stock has All designed all stock models in 3D. This gives us the possibility and the flexibility to change the design on CAD level as well. Therefore, we are convinced that we always can offer a shooter a desired solution.

To summarize

A standard version of a stock model will not suit everyone and in that case a tailor-made version offers a better solution. Although more expensive in this way the stock be made to the desired preferences and requirements.

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